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We're looking into getting one of these systems. I guess we'd write a report to capture the appointment data and upload it to the system, etc.

Has anyone out there gotten such a system?  What was your experience? Would you recommend the system you're using?



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We are a Magic 5.64 location and using CWS, we are currently using Clienttell, which is working out well.  They really do a lot of the filtering of who wants calls, who doesn't etc.  Our patients can opt out of the calling program and we have a web interface for managing who received a call and who didn't.  I just send them a pipe delimited file from CWS, via a secure FTP, and they have done a great job so far.  I've heard complaints that the call is too inpersonal but it has saved us a lot of call back time for our front staff.  I send them one file with all locations, they can not call certain appt types, etc.  Let me know if you need more info.



Thanks so much Deb!  We ended up choosing Clienttell, too!




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