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We are trying to find a way to identify all ACO patients from the registration point onward.  We’d like to have a rule or some logic evaluate the patient’s PCP and Payer (Medicare) and then add a ‘flag’ so the patient can be readily identified on all lookups, reports etc…


Any ideas??


Ron Rutherford RN

Jordan Hospital

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Hi Ron, I don't see any reason why you couldn't do this via Selection Reports either in BAR or ADM.  I know in BAR, it's easy enough to identify the Primary Care Physician and primary (or any) insurance carrier.  You can either print the report out or use the compiled report to go through each account one by one...I've always preferred selection reports in terms of their reliability in getting all applicable accounts--it was my old faithful when it came to reporting.  :-)  

If you need anything different, just let me know--they are other creative ways to do this but I think this would be the easiest method..


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