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Has anyone been able to autoprint Charge labels after a transfer routine was run. We have to manually enter the item numbers to print under the inventory charge label routine instead of having them autoprint. Can a routine be run to autoprint charge labels. We used to have this function in magic. Any suggestions?


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Hi Karen,
IF you see this, I was unable to send a message to you directley. I reported this issue.

Any help from you or your inhouse staff would be great.

When we receive items into our main inventory, PU (which most the other sub-inventoriesget restocked from), they are left blank/unstickered. Charge labels are onlyprinted when these items are transferred out of PU into other sub-inventories.This is where we would like to see if there's an option to print aftertransferring those items from PU (the main inventory) to the othersub-inventories. Currently, when we are restocking inventories, we must go into the routine:

Materials Management > Inventory > Transfer

then once we transfer the items in Meditech, we still need to print chargelabels. So from there, we'll go to:

Materials Management > Inventory > Charge Labels

Is there a way we can have these labels automattically print from the transfer screen (after you enter all the items) without having to manually enter in the items indivudually under the charge label routine?

If you could go over how your process of getting charge labels to print, that would be helpful.


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