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I'm interested in learning how other MT 6 users are managing the Present on Admission process. Please provide any insights you have on this topic - even if you don't like how it is going, perhaps we can get a good discussion going!



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Currently, our nurses document the present on admission indicators as part of an admission screen assessment.  We just went live with PDOC late September 2012, but there is a possibility of moving the Present on admission queries to the History and Physical templates.  Currently, there is a chance that a provider may not document a history and physical, if the patient has a short stay, or if an Office note that qualifies as a History and Physical is sent over.  Until we can make sure that the queries would be documented by physicians, we will continue to have nursing do this.


We have required a Yes/No query that asks if a patient presents with any of the following conditions. If the query is answered yes, then all of the POA queries are required. I could tweak the rule to only require at least one of the queries if the first required query is answered YES, but I haven't had too many complaints so far.




Thank you very much for your response! I will share this information among our team.


Hi CHristina,
We currently don't have a section for present on admission, we just made each documentation section on the admission assessment a head to toe assessment then for instance in the Gu section we placed a query Foley cath in place on admission to facility with a Yes No response if Yes it triggers the interevention for Cath Care and sends a consult to the infection control nurse and ask the date and time placed... Same with skin etc.However as we are attempting to meet meaningful use I am going to have to ask if Dvt present on admission so we r thinking of doing the same with that query and adding it into the VTE risk assessment. I guess it is a present on admission query I just don't have it in a specific section that staes present on admission.


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