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Hello MEDITECH Connect,


As per Meaningful Use, nurse managers at my hospital are running five seperate custom reports that the initial screen are all identical. In the initial screen the nurse managers define "From Date", "Thru Date", "Location", and "Detail (Y/N)". They are having to do this 5 seperate times each day and it would be great if these five reports can be grouped to be ran from one initial screen where they can define the dates, locations and if they want details or not, once. Does any one know if this is possible? Please advise.


Thank you,


David Vazquez

Tags: ARRA, Custom, Meaningful, NPR, Nursing, Reports, Use

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Replies to This Discussion

Hi David,


Without knowing the structure of these 5 reports, I'm thinking the easiest way would

be to schedule the 5 reports to download or run to their printer.


 If you have RW advanced skills,  you could incorporate the logic of the 5 reports into one and have it Page break and total etc  based on a computed field containing your logic.


You could also use the first report to call the second report ,the second report to call the third etc.





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