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We are in need of a process of handling standing orders in 6.0. Currently when we have a standing order, a paper copy is placed in a physical folder. When the patient presents, it is scanned as an order so it is associated with that account. It is then placed back in the physical folder and is repeated when the pt presents again, say for a weekly protime.

Has anyone set up a folder on the Desktop to scan the standing order once. That way when the pt presents you can just pull that image from the folder and attach it to multiple visits and multiple accounts without physically scan a paper copy every time?


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There are several ways to do this. I presume that you do not want to Demo Recall the document in SCA/Med Rec Doc dictionary.

THe easiest way may be to pull up the last visit where there is a valid copy of the S/O and copy it to the current visit.

You can copy from a desktop folder if you have ECM (Cold Feed)



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