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Can anyone advise me on how to incorporate an image (e.g. a corporate logo) into an NPR report or fragment (Magic 5.4.3)? The intention at first is to avoid using preprinted forms by printing patient reports on blank paper for mailing (snailmail), and later to move to e-mailing and/or faxing the report directly to the client/customer. Thanks in advance.

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There is a process where this can be done manually.  Joe Cocuzzo from Iatrics wrote up a document years ago outlining how you can do this. It involves taking the graphic file and printing i to 'File' instead of a printer.  Then there are a few control characters that need to be removed from that file to make it usable.  Once that's done an NPR report is written to take this file and load it to the printer.  Another NPR report can be setup using the ELECTRONIC FORMS options within the Meditech MIS to actually print it.

The problems here are many though: It's fairly technical and not easy to trouble shoot if there is a problem.  The overlay needs to be accessed by anyone who needs to print it causing potential share issues on network servers, or having to locally load it on multiple machines - making updates or additions an ongoing problem.  Depending on your Meditech network there might also be slow load times.

I work for FormFast and we do this kind of thing everyday.  If you are looking at trying to save time or money by inserting the use of an overlay into a process you should look us up.  Not only do we help make this process easier, more reliable and faster we also expand that out to every piece of paper printed by admissions, nursing, AP & PR checks, bills, statements, claims etc.  We also can replace the labels and/or embosser cards (yes some hospitals still use them!) which alone will usually offset software costs within months of purchase.

Our software sits on the Meditech machine, its written in NPR, the end user's need to be told they are not using Meditech or would not even know it because it is so seamless.

If you decide to go the home grown approach I would encourage you to check Iatrics web site and see if you can find the document I was speaking about.  Joe handed it out at a MUSE conference seminar in the late 90's

I have attached a logo in Meditech Client Server using a bitmap image that was stored on the network but I haven't done this in Magic.


You should probably take John's advice (Hi John :) or search Iatrics documents.



Thanks for this - I've tried to search for the article you're referring to, but no luck. Iatrics goes back to about 2000. I've searched elsewhere too and unfortunately cannot find anything consistent or helpful. Will keep trying.

John Negri said:

There is a process where this can be done manually...  


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