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We're just getting started on the road toward inpatient CPOE using C/S 5.64, and are looking for some good examples of general admission order sets that have been proven to work well in real life elsewhere.  Anybody out there willing to share the good work you've done along these lines?

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David, We are in the same boat and I would be interested in seeing some examples as well. Thanks!

Here are examples from two sites I worked with.

This looks like really helpful information. Thank you, Sandra!!!

Here is one that my hospital uses.


Thanks for sharing this, Michael!!!  Can you please tell me which version of MEDITECH your hospital is using?   -David

Michael Eberhard said:

Here is one that my hospital uses.

Michael and Sandra, What version of MEDITECH is your hospital using? Thanks, Kristin

hello everyone

we are currently developing the admission order also but our issue is how is the provider going to enter the order?  Meaning, workflow wise, our hospital all admissions go through a house supervisor.  when and who creates the pre reg number to have the provider be able to enter the orders?  then who or does anyone let the provider know that the number is ready to enter orders or do they just check the emr in a few minutes. 

I have found out that creating the orderset was the easiest process to this situation.  the workflow has been the most challenging.



We are currently trying to figure out the same answer Alexa; we are a small CAH hospital with one charge nurse per who normally does the pre-reg. I'm sure the MD's are not going to love having to wait on the pt. to be pre-reegistered to enter orders and if this is the workflow then they would have to have the pt's info to get them pre-registered. If anyone has any ideas to help I would love to hear them.



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