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Does anyone have a repository of Progress Note Templates and Quick Text dictionary entries which they might be willing to share with the group? We are starting our PDOC build from the MEDITECH standard templates and tweaking from there with input from our providers, but our providers are asking for other site's examples.


If you're willing to share screen shots, dictionary lists, etc. Please let me know.

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We are starting our build as well and would be interested in seeing how others are building their templates.

I'll keep you posted. As you can see you're the first response. I'm sure the site I'm at would be willing to share theirs when they are completed, but we're just getting our Hospitalist note completed as we speak.

Good morning,

We have been up using PDOC for 3 years and we have been very successful with our template build for many sites and specialties. Let me know how I can help.



I'd love to chat with you about your templates. Can I contact you offline? Email or phone? Also, do you have any kind of policy and procedure around post-live edits including how quickly you turn them around.

Debra J Jahn said:

Good morning,

We have been up using PDOC for 3 years and we have been very successful with our template build for many sites and specialties. Let me know how I can help.


Hi Lesley, Debra,


I have worked on ED PDOC Templates and am willing to share if interested.  You can get ahold of me either via this blog and/or  Would love to assist as it is always great to share, gain feedback, and work as a group to improve upon the templates.


Currently working with 6.5 PP13 PDOC



Good morining Chris, Lesley, and Michael,

We could also arrange a WebEx if you would like. Here is my contact information:

Debbie Jahn

509 991.1874

We are using PDOC for our discharge process but haven't had much buy in as of now. We are Magic 5.64 and would be interested in any building information that anyone would be willing to share. I will share what we have but it is not much.

If everyone thinks that a WebEx would be helpful, I'd be glad to setup an event on Meditech Connect where members could RSVP.  I would just need someone who would be willing to setup a WebEx meeting so I could attach the call in info.  If there's interest, feel free to respond with your availability for next week so we can schedule something everyone could likely attend...

I think a web ex is a great idea. We have been up with Pdoc for almost a year and it has had it challenges . I will work around others schedules.

OK,  I guess I started this discussion...So, let me work with the local team at the site I'm at on setting up a WebEx within the next couple weeks. Our Hospitalists are actually going LIVE next week with PDOC (Progress Notes only) so it may be the week after before I get it all arranged.

I'll keep you posted.

We're a C/S 5.64 site, so I'm not sure how it will go with both Magic and C/S users onboard, but I'm sure there is a lot we can learn from each other regardless.

Let us know and we can all join in. Thank you, Debbie

Also, it may be helpful to keep in mind as you are building the templates, to incorporate the specific documentation necessary for ICD-10. Applying diagnosis codes in ICD-10 will require much more specific physician documentation practices. Building the specific text into the documentation may help reduce the physician queries by coding staff for further documentation necessary to code the specificity required by upcoming ICD-10.  


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