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Got MEDITECH Scanning & Archiving/Another ECM System? Then You Need Barcoded Electronic Forms

Many hospitals that run MEDITECH are using the Scanning and Archiving (SCA) module, and most of those that are moving to 6.0 are being encouraged to do so.

The benefits of SCA and other enterprise content management (ECM) systems are indisputable – no more file cabinets, instant access to patient and business documents across the facility, and, ultimately, improved patient care and safety due to increased information accuracy and availability via EMRs.

However, getting patient forms prepared for SCA or another ECM system often minimizes or delays the realization of such benefits. With pre-printed paper forms, patients must fill in redundant, duplicate information, and staff members waste time pulling forms, assembling them in packets, and applying barcoded sticky labels.

And then, once forms are completed in registration or on clinical floors, an HIM staff member manually indexes each page – a slow, error-prone process. Other challenges include version control, the use of non-compliant forms, and slow updates to forms/creation of new ones, not to mention the cost of maintaining forms stock.

An electronic forms management system can help hospitals overcome such challenges, and get the most from their MEDITECH SCA application/other ECM system. Upon registering a new or returning patient in MEDITECH, a staff member simply clicks a button to generate a forms packet that’s customized to the patient, has demographics pre-filled and barcodes applied.

Upon completion, the forms are scanned into MEDITECH SCA, which uses the barcodes to associate the forms with the correct patient’s EMR – no labeling or indexing needed. Alternatively, the forms can be authorized with electronic signatures and then sent directly into SCA, without a single sheet of paper being printed. Either way, you eliminate the costs and delays of paper forms, ensure only current, compliant forms are used and get forms into EMRs as quickly as possible.

Here’s what Charlotte Smith, Director of Health Information/Privacy Officer at Colchester East Hants Health Authority, said about Access’s barcoded e-forms on demand solution:

“The ability of Access Intelligent Forms Suite to barcode forms is a great complement to our MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving system. We were also impressed by its ease of use and by the healthcare knowledge of the Access team.”

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